Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. After you have submitted the order, please clear the payment as soon as possible. Because it takes time for the Korea supplier to process the order. During the processing, some of the items may be out of stock later.

2. After you have submitted and cleared the payment for the order, you can't cancel the order.

3. If some of the items are out of stock later, we will refund the money to our customer.

4. Because the products are coming from different Korea suppliers. Our Korea team need some times to collect the products. Once the Korea side have received all the products, they will send out the parcel to our customers immediately.

In general case, it takes 2 weeks for our Korea team to collect the products.

It actually depends on the processing speed of different suppliers, seasonal holidays and other factors. So please be patient. Thank you.

5. After the customer receives the goods, if the style is wrong or the clothes are obviously damaged. The you can ask for return or exchange.

Thank you for your kind attention.